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Weekly Blog

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Week of 17th Jan

We talked about focusing on the community around us at Stanford. It is a trap to start thinking of volunteering in old-age homes, etc.. because our purpose is to cultivate kindness and kindness is not something that should get triggered only in old-age homes. We must practice kindness in the environment we are in.

This thought was agreed upon by all present. Based on this, we brainstormed ideas that would help us work for the student community at Stanford. Here are some of them:

  • Take the garbage out: Knock on your neighbor's door and offer to take out the garbage in the morning. So they don't think you are wacko, do this initially for neighbors who would know you.
  • Cook with love: Make something delicious and give it to a random neighbor, asking them to pay it forward with an act of kindness to someone else.
  • Take people shopping: A lot of students don't have cars to go shopping. We could create a website where those who plan to go shopping can post their schedule. Those who want to go shopping can sign up for alerts and be notified. The site can make it easy for people who want to help to be able to do so using simple web-based technology. Anyone interested in helping make this a reality, please let us know (on our mailing list). People don't need to wait for the site to offer this service. You can mail on your local community mailing list.
  • Bring your stories: If you've done an act of kindness or been a recipient of one, we want to hear about it in our weekly meetings! Due to the extreme focus on negative news in our society, we tend to believe that the world is a bad place. However, when people are kind to each other and no one blows anyone up, we don't get to hear it. We must balance the negative news we get with the positive news that does exist in this world. We must play a role in creating a community where such news can be gathered and shared.
Jan 24: We finished setting up these blogs and are ready to send the word out about this group.


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