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Weekly Blog

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Indicorp and discussion with Prasadji: 28th February 2008

Last night we had an opportunity to interact with various dynamic personalities and got them to share their experiences with us. Kabir, of Indicorps, shared his experiences and thoughts about rural upliftment in India. He started off his project in India with Indicorp as a summer intern and ended up extending it for three years. It was heartening to learn about his commitment to make a difference in someone else's life. Sonal, a colleague of his, shared her experiences with Indicorp which further inspired us all to do something for society. Indicorp has 50 projects lined up this year and they are looking for students to take them up.

We then had a healthy discussion on Prasadji's perspective of various issues facing India including organic farming, healthcare and espcially healthcare. It was very interesing to learn about Prasadji's experiences in teaching kids especially in rural India. Hopefully, we can figure out strategy to implement his thoughts in an organised manner.

We hope to continue our discussion with him along with Prof. Carson next Thursday along these lines.


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