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Weekly Blog

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tenzin Tethong speaks on Apr 17

Tenzin led us through Tibetan Buddhist meditation that involved slowing down our breathing, then empathizing with someone we feel connected to, and finally, enlarging our circle of compassion to include the entire world.

At 8 pm, Tenzin then gave us a talk on the history of Tibet after which, we had a vigorous round of discussion, with people sharing deep emotions. Toward the end, we did a brainstorm on how we can move things forward, and there were some ideas. Most notably, it was suggested that we use a format where participants are asked to repeat what the previous speaker said, to that speaker's satisfaction, before making their own point. This will require actual listening.

We are working to organize Healing Tibet II in participation with the Chinese community.

The video of this talk is now available.

Please send your comments on the video to stanford dot sarvodaya at gmail dot com.



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