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Weekly Blog

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brainstorming Sarvodaya

Last night, a group of kindred spirits came together to create a space of sharing, brainstorming service. Here's what the group came up with, over a sumptuous South Indian dinner and improv theater..

Thoughts/Ideas in no particular order:
  • Sarvodaya will be an incubator for selfless thought experiments
  • Going to restaurants and picking up leftover food. Serve food to the needy. Emulate DC Central Kitchen in the Bay Area.
  • There is a large population of recently laid off people in Sacramento living in tents and who do not have food. What do they need? How can we help?
  • Gross National Happiness – Conduct surveys to assess GNH. Compare homeless people with investment bankers.
  • Organize a trip to Karma Kitchen
  • Spread awareness about the biology of food, help people understand what is helpful and soulful food, and what isn't. Use education on food to affect people's lives positively.
  • Community summit - come together to understand ourselves and each other better, and co-create a shared space.
  • Learn more about different cultural groups on campus (e.g. Israeli and Palestinian groups). Co-volunteer on their national holidays. Two groups could plant trees together.
  • Research project to see what are our predominant sources of information and what are we leaving out.
  • Plant 100 Walnut trees on Stanford Dish
  • Produce a piece of art.
  • Gender inequality issues - Sarvodaya can collaborate with Arti nursing home, which has done a lot of work to reduce female infanticide.
  • An event that educates the student community around us about the need for sustainable agriculture.
If you connect with any of these and want to do something, please step up by announcing it on our mailing list and asking who else would like to partner with you.

I guess Sarvodaya can often partner with other humanitarian groups at Stanford, like http://www.stanford.edu/group/nightoutreach/ (homeless outreach), http://hunger.stanford.edu/ and many other groups at Haas center for public services. Try being in their mailing lists to keep in touch with their events.
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