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Weekly Blog

Monday, February 8, 2010

Deeper Reflection

Kranthi Kode, who was one of the facilitators in our Beyond Borders event last week, sent in this amazing reflection:

I felt that the film and the event evoked different responses from the attendees. If there is anything common in all these responses, I think it is the profundity.

One of the attendees I talked to apparently came to the event with a mindset of winning the 'debate' with his instigating remarks about the other country. The movie had mellowed him so much that he never got to talk in the tone he hoped to speak, rather, he reflected upon the problem deeply and in fact, offered a possible way of creating harmony between the two countries by the end of the event.

Another person came to the event with an arsenal of statistics and quotes from various articles and hoped to contribute to the discussion in a big way. After watching the movie, he was still hoping to touch up on all the factors he thought were complicating the issue. But, after listening to others' take on the problem during the discussion, he was convinced that all those factors were trivial and solution lies in somehow losing the identity itself as the movie seems to be implying.

These are an indication to me that an event like this can have a profound effect on all of us and as someone suggested, if we can have such events at as many places as possible we can see some real change. I left the event with a sense of hope for rapprochement between the two countries and better yet, felt that we might be closer than we think.


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