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Mentor Blog

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Your thoughts

On behalf of Sarvodaya Prasad:
The present week is productive and useful with flow of ideas to and fro. I shared perspectives on India and the trends that are setting in and what we as concerned citizens can do. Through this process of sharing, we have initiated the first step to understand ourselves. This blog is a means through which I wish to share my thoughts, feelings, activities and consider it to be an excellent learning process for me.

I do wish to know how you view society, happenings, reasons behind them and what should be the process of creating a better society. Since I am on the ground in India, I can bring to you the challenges we face and would very much like your help in offering solutions using technology, management, engineering and other skills with a human face and approach. We look forward to establishing a Sarvodaya Social Order - a non-exploitative society based on human values and dignity.

I am on the mailing list of Sarvodaya - please feel free to initiate a discussion on the list on any of the issues raised or on any topic you think Sarvodaya should be thinking about in India.